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What is the D.A.R.?
The DAR is a secret club that was formed by Verena, Tweety, Tinka, and Momo during their high school days at Miss Godard's all-girls boarding school. To be a member, you have to share your dreams- what you want more than anything in the world. Club members are bound to keep your secret, while at the time helping you attain your dream (no matter what it takes!)

The DAR meets in a hide-away attic room that the members have decorated into a cozy meeting place. Tucked above a storage area for the school's kitchen, the girls have an ample supply of canned goods, which they frequently raid (hence the club name, Daughters of the American Ravioli).

Join the DAR
You can join the DAR by sharing your innermost secret or dream for the future- What do you want? What do you wanna do? Type in your dream (promise, no one will ever know), and then print our your special certificate.

What do you get with your membership?
Once you've joined the DAR, you're entitled to share your problems and dreams with all the DAR members on the DAR message board. We'll be here to support you all the way! Plus, once you've seen the movie, you can talk about your favorite scenes (or ask questions that your favorite celebrities can answer).

Can my friends join?
Sure! Send them an instant electronic postcard about the club, and the movie, All I Wanna do. We're always looking for more members (more brains, more talent...).