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Dear Diary,

I shortened my school skirt by two inches and even Abby didn't notice. I don't know why I bother though, there are no boys around here to notice. We got a new roommate today. Odette Sinclair. She has a few things in her wardrobe I could borrow, so she's an okay addition to our room. I found a picture of her boyfriend. What a hunk. I wonder if she's done it with him yet. I swear I think I'm the only non-virgin in my entire class. By the way, Mr. Dewey was staring at me all class. Imagine doing it with Mr. Dewey, ewwwwww! I can't believe someone as wonderful as Mrs. Dewey married him! Verena will come up with a plan to get rid of him. I know she will. I'll write more after the D.A.R. meets.