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Take the personality quiz to find out your personality type and find out what member of 'the gang' you are most like.

1) Which of the following do you most see yourself becoming in the future?

A Scientist
A Politician
A Model
A Business Woman
An Artist

2) You find out that your best friend just bought the same outfit you did.
    What do you do?

You agree on when each of you will wear it to avoid overlap.
You think, "I don't care! I look better in it than she does."
You decide to never wear it again.
You think, "Cool! We can wear it on the same day and look like best friends."

3) You find out a friend is spreading rumors about you.
    What do you do?

You get upset, and try to figure out why your friend would be so vicious.
You report her to the administration and make sure she stops bad-mouthing you.
You won't take it lying down - you spread rumors right back!
You don't want anyone to believe these lies, so you find out what the rumors are and defend yourself.

4) You see the Backstreet Boys walking down the street.
     What do you do?

You decide to play it cool and don't even think of bothering them.
You politely approach them and ask for an autograph.
You run up to them and throw your arms around them; after all, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.
You casually walk in front of them, smile seductively, and make sure they notice how attractive you are.

5) A copy of an upcoming exam 'somehow' falls into your hands.
     What do you do?

You think you got really lucky and decide to share with your friends.
You keep it to yourself and don't let anyone know. You really need the grade.
You inform the teacher that a copy of the exam is floating around and that the questions should be changed so that it's fair for everyone.
You think "What an opportunity - I could really use the money by selling copies!"

6) You're at a party where you don't know anyone.
     What do you do?

Since you don't recognize anyone, you feel awkward, so you decide to call a friend to meet there.
You stay and look around for sombody who's also alone and go talk to him/her.
You think "This is great! I'll make new friends, especially since there are a lot of cute boys here."
You're much more prepared than that and would never show up at a party alone.

7) You find out that your favorite show on Fox might be cancelled.
    You can't believe it. What do you do?

Write a letter to the network listing all of the reasons why this show is important to you and others.
Oh well. You'll just have to find another show to watch.
Start a petition among your friends to send to the network convincing them to keep the show.
Even though it was your favorite show, you hear that it will be replaced with an even better show starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Seth Green!!!

8) You are on an Internet chat room. Which of the following
    sounds like something you would discuss?

You friend's cousin Brad is visiting from out of can't keep your mind off of him...he's sooooo hot!!!
The couple who "can't keep their hands off each other" was caught kissing in the hallway and were suspended for improper behavior.
You're not happy about the new school policy to extend classes by an hour each day. You go online to find out how other people feel and to rally support.
You're trying to lose weight and you know there are tons of different diets - you want to see what's worked for other girls like you.

9) You suspect that the boy you have a crush on has a crush
    on your best friend. What would you do?

You tell her about your suspicions, hoping she will say that she doesn't like him.
You decide to turn up the heat and take his mind off everyone else.
You can't believe it! Why doesn't he like me? What's wrong with this picture?
You bad-mouth the guy in front of your friend so that she has no interest in him.

10) A new girl just started at your school and you notice she's
     always alone. What would you do?

You're the first person to volunteer to show her around.
You take it upon yourself to include her in your circle of friends.
You're too busy to be able to get to know her, but you'll try later.
Check out her fashion sense... maybe you can give her some pointers.

11) Your friend is mistreated in class by the teacher and now
     she's afraid to go back to class. What do you do?

You confront the teacher on your friend's behalf because she's too intimidated to do it herself.
You're determined to get back at the teacher so you spread embarrassing rumors about him/her.
You console your friend, making her realize that it's not her fault and she shouldn't be nervous about going back to class.
You don't understand why she's so upset - it's not a big deal.

12) The boy you like asked your best friend out on a date.
      What do you do?

Decide never to talk to that friend again.
Feel happy for your friend and wish her luck.
Convince your friend not to go out with him.
Declare that you should've been the one he asked out.