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Dear Diary,

HELP ME! This is my first day at Miss Godard's (which I call Miss God Awful) and it bites the big keilbasa! Prison probably feels just like this. Abby Sawyer, the biggest brown-noser I have ever met, gave me a tour of the campus. The only thing I enjoyed seeing was my horse (who also hates it here). I miss Dennis. I will never survive being here without him and I will never forgive my parents for splitting us up. If they think, just because we're going to different schools now, that I won't find a way to see him, they are wrong. It's none of their flopping bunnies what I do anyway. Somehow, I'll find a way to meet Dennis in New York City, alone and-- Great. My new roommates just walked in. I'll have to finish this later. More later.